This Weekend

In case you forgot...


So, I thought I'd go ahead and drop you all another casual reminder. This weekend, the place to be is Red Brick Craft Distillery. This Fishtown whiskey distiller is the result of blood, sweat, tears, love, and, of course, kickstarter. The thing about Red Brick is that this aint no potato salad. The owners are honestly in love with what they're doing, and having tasted the final tears of whiskey loving dieties as they passed through the stills, I'm in love with what they're doing too.  

Once they're in full swing, I have a difficult time finding a scenerio where I wouldn't have a bottle of Red Brick in the house. Don't be that person who waits until everyone else knows what's so awesome, be the one who was there at the opening party.  

If it sweetens the deal any, I'll be there too. I'm playing two sets starting at 3:00. That should give all of you enough time to fall in love with the product and find my show adorable, or  heartwrenching, or something else that you find pleasant. I'll be doing some live loping at this show and I've been putting in lots of practice time to gert that ready for you fine folks. Go ahead and plan on being there. If you need the address: